James Pretto

James Pretto is one of the most successful multisport athletes in Australian history. In 2018 he finished 3rd in a very competitive field at New Zealand Coast to Coast, the most respected multisport event on the planet. Most of the Australian multisport events have had him as a winner or podium finisher. As well as racing, he also enjoys coaching at PeakAdventure kayaking squad in Port Melbourne. Here are a few brief words from their website:

If it’s 6am and 4 degrees, and you’re wondering why the hell you got out of bed, you can count on Coach Pretto to get you in the mood with his infectious positivity, irrepressible energy and cheeky sense of humour. In fact it’s hard to imagine James ever hitting the snooze button. He genuinely loves his training, and it’s an attitude that rubs off on everyone around him.

Since crossing over from the dark side of triathlon, under the mentorship of Jarad Kohlar, James has become a force to be reckoned with in adventure racing and multisport. He has racked up an impressive CV of results to match his master’s, with wins at the Australian Multisport Champs, M2M Multisport and the Mark Webber Challenge.

We are stocked to get this exceptionally positive guy, great athlete and coach, to be our first ambassador. Watch this space for a series of multiport and kayaking video tips for everyone, from beginners to advanced level athletes!

james pretto podium finish at coast to coast nz 2018