Baw Baw Extreme

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What: Baw Baw Extreme
Mount Baw Baw Resort
Mount Baw Baw, Baw Baw Village VIC 3833, Australia
Mount Baw Baw Resort
When: Friday, 14 October 2022
Registration: here

14-16th of October 2022, Mount Baw Baw Resort

14-16th of October an epic 84 km linear course will take the toughest and the most daring competitors for a journey from historical Walhalla to the scenic Alpine Mt Baw Baw Resort via thrilling rapids of Thomson river.

Baw Baw Extreme is the Australian newest and probably the most challenging One day multisport challenge in the country. It is a classic Man vs mountain challenge where individuals, relay teams and pairs conquer a fully marked course set in the tough and diverse terrain of the Baw Baw region.

The 84 km course consists of 4 legs:

  1. Run from Walhalla to Thomson railway bridge 5 km
  2. Downriver Thomson river paddle 14 km
  3. Mountain bike from Bruntons bridge to Erica (2 day racers finish here). Then from Erica to O'Sheas Mill Site, East Tyers Campsite (total 40km).
  4. Trail run from O’Sheas Mill Site to the top of Mt Baw Baw Alpine resort. 25 km.

By all accounts, the course is tough, demanding and spectacular. However, reaching a finish line will give you a great feeling of accomplishment that will make it worth it.

The race offers multiple entry options to suit all: elite athletes in One Day event will be racing for 4k cash prizes while everyone can give it a go and become their own hero completing the Two Day event which covers the same course spread across two days (racers will have overnight rest approximately in the middle of the course).

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