Adventure Cup racing season is shaped for the 2019-2020

After successful introduction of the Series in 2018-2019 we’re thrilled to launch the 2019-2020 season and announce the Victorian schedule for the upcoming season. 

The old and new events will be parts of the Series and once again the female and male winners will be announced at the prize-giving ceremony of the final event of the Series. 

The ranking is based on sum of points obtained at each race of the Series. All participants - relay, AR Duo and solo racers receive score at each race they finish.

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Alex Keith tackling off-road triathlon at lake Crackenback

I competed in my second ever X-Tri on the 23rd February this year at the Australian National Championships held in the beautiful surrounds of Lake Crackenback. I was looking forward to a cruisy race where I could just plod along and have fun with no pressure, as it wasn’t my normal sport of on-road triathlon.

We arrived at Lake Crackenback at 7 am when it was a chilly 2 degrees. Luckily it later warmed up to be a beautiful day. After setting up our gear in transition, we headed to a warm spot in the cafe for an early coffee while waiting for the race briefing and the start.

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2018-2019 Adventure Cup winners are officially Maria Plyashechko and James Pretto

The first Adventure Cup winners are officially Maria Plyashechko and James Pretto in female and male ranking accordingly. They both managed to accumulate the biggest amount of points based on results in three brutal multisport events:  Upper Murray Challenge, East Gippsland Challenge, and Grampians Challenge

The full ranking is here>> and we would like to congratulate all participants that took part in the inaugural edition of this unique Series. We hope you have achieved your goals whether it was to finish one leg of a single event, beat your best mate or get on the podium of all three challenges.

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Luke Haines is looking strong going into the final Adventure Cup race

Luke Haines, not a stranger to the multisport scene, phenomenal athlete, dad and business owner. He's sharing his amazing adventure journey with us. 

  1. Your racing career highlights? 

I have been fortunate to really get going since 2007 with good results. My first multisport win at the Mars Challenge in 2007 is one I will certainly remember. Having come from learning all disciplines to training hard to improve fitness and learning the skills required was great. Back to back UMC wins in 2009 and 2010 (then three 2nds in a row) along with Australian multisport champs win in 2009 was amazing as only 1 week apart.

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Sorcha Flett at Adventure Cup Grampians Challenge - the race winner story

Sorcha had a great season of racing establishing herself as one of the strongest Australian multisport and adventure racing female athletes with convincing victory in the Grampians Challenge.  This is what she said after her race: 

“I have found myself going to the Grampians quite frequently for training because it’s close to where I’m living at the moment, it’s a beautiful place to go to on my days off and has the only hills of any degree I can get to within 2 hrs drive! So I was pretty excited when I found out AJ host a race there.

The race started with the run and I looked around at the start line and thought, “it’s going to be a hard day!” The field was strong. My vague race intention was to try to get a bit of a gap in the run, try not to lose too much time in the paddle and then go all out in the bike, as it’s my strength. 

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Maestro of improvisation or is 36 gels enough to complete Coast 2 Coast?

The story of this race starts well before the actual date it took place. 

Twenty years ago, when I had just started adventure racing and it was still all very new to me, months before an upcoming event, I was carefully assessing every piece of equipment to the best of my ability, making sure it was all correct and exactly as required. 

The number of races had increased to a frequency of almost 1 per week at some stages and it was handy to have all equipment maintained and ready to go at all times.

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Coast to Coast'19 cross interview with Aussie AR stars

Kathmandu Coast to Coast is one of the toughest multisport events in the world with 243 km of  cycling, running and paddling. It attracts a 1000 participants field and requires a lot of endurance, skills and simply luck to finish. Here is cross-interview with Aussie AR and multisport stars - Tim Boote (VIC), Guy Andrews (QLD), Bern Dornom (VIC), James Pretto (VIC) and Alex Hunt (TAS). We've asked these questions - scroll down for some inside, pain and good advise.

  1. 1-2 sentences to describe how was your C2C 2019.
  2. Your highest and the lowest moments and how you pushed yourself through.
  3. Main lesson you have learnt.
  4. One training advice for 2020 first - time comers.
  5. Will you be back?
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