Baw Baw Extreme

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What: Baw Baw Extreme
Mount Baw Baw Resort
Mount Baw Baw, Baw Baw Village VIC 3833, Australia
Mount Baw Baw Resort
When: Friday, 17 April 2020
Registration: here

17-19th April 2020, Mount Baw Baw Resort

Baw Baw Extreme to be run 17-19th April 2020 will be the grand final of the Series and it’s Championships with double score awarded! This is a brand new, highly ambitious event with HQ in Mount Baw Baw Resort, located just 2 hours of Melbourne. The race course is not fully confirmed yet, but it will definitely include Thompson downriver paddle, trail run along Alpine walking track and mountain bike along the mountainous terrain of Baw Baw national park.

The whole race course will be full of highlights but the Thompson river gorge is required to be mentioned as the most special and definitely challenging sections of the race. The last leg of the race – trail run to the Baw Baw village will be another feature of the race. We can’t wait to introduce the event in full but for now lock the dates and keep up with your training, you will need a lot of it for conquering Baw Baw Extreme. 

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